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About Brentnalls NSW

Established in 2004, Brentnalls NSW is an independently owned and operated chartered accountancy and advisory firm located in Sydney. We provide a holistic range of tax, business and specialist services to high-performing small-to-medium-sized businesses across many industries. Our core focus is on both compliance and advice tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

We help our clients build strong businesses and achieve financial wellbeing.

At Brentnalls NSW, we do things differently. It’s not just about the numbers. We believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients based on trust, transparency and shared goals. Our team love what they do and it shows in the results we achieve and the referrals-based nature of our practice.

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At Brentnalls NSW, our values, ‘B-WISER’, guide how we work and conduct our business. They are:

  • Balance - As a business, we genuinely seek to balance work within our lives. We work hard and to the highest standard but believe there is great value in taking time out to meet personal goals.
  • Win-Win - We believe success comes from shared goals and a united vision. We are genuinely committed to our team, clients, and affiliates and growing together for the long-term future.
  • Invest and Innovate - We invest in our team and nurture a culture of innovation and continuous learning. This allows us to provide clients with expert advice and strategies tailored to their needs.
  • Selective - Our client relationships are our first priority, as such, we are selective in who we work with. We give them our all and see ourselves as their partners and advisors.
  • Enjoy - We wholeheartedly enjoy what we do. We’re passionate and hardworking and it’s reflected in our unique business culture and wider network.
  • Respect - Mutual respect and trust are central to all our relationships – within our business and outside it. We always conduct ourselves in a manner that is ethical, transparent and considered.

At Brentnalls NSW, we give our all to our clients. We believe meaningful partnerships drive success. We know our clients have entrusted us with their financial wellbeing and we go above and beyond to ensure it. Our business is fuelled by a culture of innovation and continuous learning and the passion and dedication of our team.

Brentnalls NSW takes its name from chartered accountant Thomas Brentnall (1846–1937). Brentnall was the first president of the Australasian Corporation of Public Accountants in 1907 and the first president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia in 1928.

  • 2004 - Drawing on their long-standing professional relationship, founding directors Trevor Seymour and Nick Aston established the Brentnalls NSW practice on York Street in Sydney in 2004.
  • 2008 - Previously a senior manager, Geoff Fitzgerald became a Brentnalls NSW director in 2008 as the practice grew and expanded its services.
  • 2014 - In July 2014, Brentnalls NSW incorporated reputed chartered Sydney-based accounting firm JK Tompsett & Co. into the business. Their principal, John Tompsett, and senior accountant and manager Margaret Hughes joined the Brentnalls NSW team soon after.
  • 2016 - In July 2016, Warren Smith became the fourth director of Brentnalls NSW.
  • 2018 - Working from their founding office in York Street, Brentnalls NSW now employs a team of 18 full-time staff.


Looking for a holistic range of tax, business and specialist services?

Strength in numbers

The Brentnalls Affiliation

Brentnalls NSW is part of an established affiliate network that operates across Australia and New Zealand. This enables our clients to access like-minded services in other cities and states if they are growing their business beyond New South Wales.

While member firms are independently owned and operated, we practice a mutual philosophy in how we help clients build strong businesses and achieve financial wellbeing. The strength of our affiliate network is driven by the sharing of ideas, inspiration, knowledge, resources and team members, alongside insights gained through industry benchmarks, office visits, and bi-annual affiliate conferences and practice updates.